it's a been a quiet week over here as the whole family has been sick. stijn came down with a terrible cold right before christmas and is recovering slowly, though not before handing it off to our little lady. mama was the last to come down with it and in true megan fashion my body hasn't fully committed to being sick so the cold is taking it's sweet time leaving our house. having a sick baby is equally heartbreaking and hilarious. let me explain before you think i'm a terrible mother. it is so sad to listen to her trying to breathe through her stuffed up nose but it is also so cute to hear the little snorting noises she makes. so far we've just been trying to clear her nose with a saline spray and a nasal aspirator. she doesn't have a fever nor does she seem to be phased to much by the cold so i'm not worried but do any mothers have any suggestions for this novice? how do i help her get better faster?

no big weekend plans here. deep cleaning/disinfecting the house and resting are about all we have on our agenda. oh and packing, selling furniture, booking flights, and planning a transcontinental move.