five months old

5 months

my dear eleanor,

wednesday we celebrated five months of life with you. we spent the day in belgium saying goodbye to moemoe. simonne, your moemoe, was the central figure in papa's family and another model of a strong woman in your life. i have no doubt that stories of her rich history will be told to you for years and years to come. i am so incredibly grateful for the time you were able to spend with her as i know that you brought her so much joy. you continue to live up to your name my little "ray of light!"

you chose your five month birthday to pull yourself up into a sitting position. if you hold onto someone's fingers you work really hard to use those little tummy muscles to pull you upright. once up you're not quite ready to sit on your own but you enjoy testing the waters. no need to rush though darling. i am quite sure you will be sitting in no time.

my goodness you are a talker. i swear you can gab away nonstop for at least half an hour. sometimes you seemed surprised by the sound of your voice which is just too cute. i wonder what it is that you are thinking as you babble on and on. i'm sure it's quite important. grandmas thinks that you have a lot to say and will therefore probably have a blog. we do need to work on your inside voice though.

speaking of grandma, she just left this morning after spending ten days hanging with us in lausanne. we actually traded her for aunt carolien, uncle bert, and luna who came to spend one last weekend with us here and so you could show luna around your town. i'm sure she will love the lake.

5 months

our time here in switzerland is coming to an end. we move out of our apartment in a week and make the long trip home to the u.s. in less than two. i can't wait to make a new home with you and papa but am also a bit sad to say goodbye to switzerland. this will always be the beginning of our story as a family. it will always be the place where your papa and i were married and where you were born.

one little request my dear. you seem to be on the verge of getting some teeth. i can see them faintly under the surface of your gums and i am asking, no begging you, to please either get them next week before we leave or wait until we arrive in cincinnati as i'm not sure i can handle a nine and a half hour flight with a teething baby.