big news

i've been a firm believer that things always work out and over the last two years i have found myself speaking those words over and over again to reassure myself and stijn as we just focused on the next thing.

stijn had been looking for a job in cincinnati pretty much since i moved here and with a few leads we decided to set a date for our move to the u.s. and trust that things would fall into place. some may call making a decision to leave a job to move across the world without knowing if there will be a job waiting there for you crazy but for us it was a logical risk. sure we had some fear, after all it's not just the two of us anymore. what if none of the leads came through? how long could we live off of savings? and then just three weeks before our move stijn's hard work and our trusting paid off. stijn was offered an amazing opportunity...

what do these three images have in common?

if you guessed holland, michigan; congratulations! here's what i know about holland. it was settled by dutch immigrants (there is a windmill, a wooden shoe factory, and a tulip festival to prove it), home to hope college, it's a two and half hour drive from chicago and thirty minutes from grand rapids, it's a tiny town on a lake, it's cold and snows, and they make good beer. we will be moving to holland for stijn to work for herman miller. no it is not cincinnati but it is a dream job for him. we are relieved and incredibly excited to start the next chapter of our life there as a family.