twenty twenty twenty four hours...

all the love in the world

for the last eleven weeks my days have been marked by singing made up songs, talking in a voice at least 2 octaves higher than normal, conversing with someone who cannot respond, cheering for burps, making the silliest of faces, and celebrating triumphs like my daughter sleeping in her crib for a whole hour.

our days are pretty simple and often times i'm a bit bored. i even googled "what am i supposed to do with my baby all day." there sometimes are a few variations but most days look similar to this:

8am: feed followed by family cuddle time in bed. she is her best in the morning so this is our favorite time of the day. i usually give her to stijn and go make coffee and feed the dog.

9am: papa heads to work and eleanor and i do some baby yoga and have some tummy time (which she hates). she usually then plays under her play gym and i take the opportunity to clean a bit or take a bath.

10:30ish: eleanor takes a nap

11:30: feed and then a walk with the dog. sometimes to meet stijn for lunch somewhere.

2:00pm: feed

afternoons i usually run errands with her in the ergo carrier and she sleeps the whole time. or we meet a friend for coffee somewhere.

5:00pm: feed

6:00pm: stijn comes home and plays with her, reads her a book. i make dinner (or order a pizza)

7:30pm: bath and massage

8:00pm: feed and sleep. stijn and i use the rest of the night to get things done or just to relax together! thankfully, eleanor is a great sleeper and has been since the beginning. she usually wakes up around 5am for a feeding and then sleeps until 8am. repeat.

sometimes i worry that i'm not doing enough to stimulate her and sometimes i think that i'm the one that could use a bit more stimulation. then i remind myself that she's only 11 weeks old and she's pretty awesome. but i'm curious, seriously what can i do with my baby all day?