three months

3 months

dear eleanor,

what a big month it has been for you my dear.

3 month stats: 6.5 kilos and 63.5 centimeters. you finally have some baby chub to grab onto!

you are really starting to experiment with your voice. you sit in your bouncy chair kicking and babbling away. i keep trying to record you but every time i reach for my phone you stop. you love looking at yourself in the mirror. the first time you laughed was while doing so. your cute little laugh made me laugh which made you laugh harder which eventually made me cry. you also seem to think its funny when mama coughs which really isn't very nice my dear. and you think it's hilarious when i sing. i can't blame you there as i think my voice is pretty funny sounding too.

you desperately want to roll over. every time i set you under your play gym within minutes you are on your side working like crazy to get all the way over. you made it from your back to your belly twice now but it's not a regular occurrence. you seem to not be able to figure out what to do with one of your arms once you get there. you love standing up and showing everyone just how strong you are.

you never took a pacifier but you seem to be perfectly content substituting your fist. you are obsessed with putting your hands in your mouth. i'm a bit worried that this might be foreshadowing for you being a thumbsucker. along with your oral habits you are sticking your tongue out and blowing lots of bubbles. i especially like when you stick your tongue out and lift your dress at the same time. way to class it up little lady!

your cousin was born this week, little luna de bremme and i know you just can't wait to meet her and show her the ropes of life as a baby.

we leave today for a big trip over the ocean to the united states where you will meet the rest of your american family. i'm quite certain that you will be the perfect baby on the 9.5 hour flight since you are destined to be a world traveler. (fingers crossed) now if only we can figure out some sort of plan of attack for baby jet lag.

3 months

life as your mother is the greatest. watching you grow and change is so amazing and you make everything more fun. you have brought so much love and joy into our lives and we are just so grateful that we get to be your parents.