weekend bits


what a wonderful weekend indeed. we traveled to zermatt for a weekend of snow, skiing, pots of piping hot cheese, cuddles, card playing, hot chocolate, and just all around swiss loveliness. zermatt is a village in a valley surrounded by the highest peaks in switzerland, including the matterhorn. to prevent air pollution that would decrease the view of such peaks zermatt is car free leaving only little electric taxis and horse drawn carriages to roam the streets. we laugh about how living here at times is a bit like stepping right out of postcard but to be perfectly honest i have never seen anything so beautiful in my life.

saturday the weather was quite bad by a skiers standards (beautiful if you're just a snow bunny like myself) so we spent the day walking through the streets, building a snowman, playing rummy 500 in the hotel, napping, and eating cheese fondue. sunday was a skiers dream. it was no longer snowing, the visibility was good, and the sun even made a quick appearance. stijn and jan took full advantage and headed out mid morning while eleanor and i slept in. in the afternoon us girls took the the gornergratbahn train, the highest open-air railway in europe, through the mountains to gornergrat to meet the men for lunch. the entire 20 minute ride up i was awestruck. it was indescribably beautiful! once at the top, 3100 meters and -16˚C with a view of the matterhorn, we warmed up and filled up before stijn and jan went back out for more skiing. up until this point in my life my only relationship to skiing was perfect north so you can see why i never really cared for the sport. i can now officially say that i want to ski. i cannot wait for our next trip when eleanor is old enough for us all to ski together. (she and i will probably be starting out at the same level)


coming home on the train through switzerland i thought about how grateful i am for this last year and half and all that i've been able to see and do. switzerland sure is making it hard for us to leave!