mommy wars


this is a topic that increasingly frustrates me and i have finally decided to address it.

from a young age girls are taught to judge one another. constantly comparing and competing for who is thinner or has the best clothes, what school you went to, who has a more glamourous job or the perfect family. now we have transferred it onto our children and the kind of parent you are. are you an attachment parenting follower, are you a "green" mommy, do you breastfeed or formula feed, do you vaccinate, are you a stay at home or working mother, do you co-sleep. and i know that soon it will be the type of schooling you choose for your child: do your children attend private or public school, montessori or waldorf, homeschool or unschool.

let me for the record say that eleanor is breastfed, she sleeps in our bed, we "wear" her, she is being vaccinated, we do not let her "cry it out", i currently stay at home, she wears cloth diapers and i have no idea where or how she will be schooled. while we do seem to be in line with the 7 b's of attachment parenting i do not believe in following a set of guidelines to be able to identify with a certain parent type. and i absolutely do not believe in using those guidelines to judge others. i believe in educating myself and using that information as a tool in figuring out what works best for my family. and this is where i take issue. i am tired of hearing women talk about other women. i am just as guilty of this and it needs to stop. shouldn't we be supporting and encouraging rather than tearing one another down. this motherhood thing is tough enough.

in choosing to list what we are currently doing with e, as with any future posts regarding the same, i am merely sharing my own experiences and what works for us and am in no way saying that what we have chosen is the right way. it is our way. i have found the words and stories of other mothers incredibly helpful in navigating this path and i hope that i can be the same for some. but like our mothers said, "if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all."