a while back, i mentioned to stijn that there were a few places i still wanted to see before we left the beauty of switzerland. zermatt was at the top of that list. i was regretting the fact that i had not been in the mountains during ski season as my pregnancy and the lack of snow prevented us from going last year. well, we leave tonight after work for zermatt where it is already a snowy wonderland. stijn is quite the avid skier and to say that i am a novice would be a vast understatement. after an accident a decade or so ago that left me unable to walk for a week i have been terrified. the last time i attempted to ski i stood at the top of the hill (yes hill not mountain) and wept. thankfully i have a 4 month old baby as an excuse to just be a cute snow bunny. sooner or later i will have to get over it and relearn as i'm sure eleanor will be on skis almost as soon as she can walk. until then i will be in the warmth of the cabin sipping whiskey and knitting while the mister does his thing.

have a wonderful weekend friends!

photo by diana gurley via pinterest