four months old

4 months

4 month stats: 7 kilos and 66 centimeters

dear eleanor,

here is where i would like to push the pause button as you have grown up so much this past month. we made a big trip overseas and you, my dear, were a champ, a real traveling pro. in the two weeks we were there mama took you to all her favorite places, you met tons of new people, celebrated your first thanksgiving, picked out a christmas tree, saw a holiday train display, and went to see your uncle aaron's band perform. in those two weeks you changed and grew tons and i really feel that we started to see your personality coming through. prior to the trip you spent almost everyday with only your mama and papa and i was a bit worried about how overwhelming you might find meeting your american family and all of my friends but you seemed to develop into quite the sociable child. you began talking a lot and are now testing the volume of your voice.

coming back to switzerland was tough as you had a harder time with jet lag. my previously perfect sleeper has been a bit of a terror these past few weeks. i was starting to think this might not only be jet lag but also the dreaded 4 month sleep regression and then miraculously just last night your sleep habits normalized. (le sigh and thank you)

my absolute favorite time of day is in the morning when you wake up and your big eyes light up at the sight of your papa and i as we lean over to give you good morning kisses. you smile this big toothless grin and i think, "wow we are a family."

you saw and felt snow for the first time in zermatt this weekend and we celebrated by building a snowman. it seems as though your first christmas is going to be a white one!

as a gift to yourself on your 4 month birthday you mastered the art of rolling over from back to belly. you seem so pleased with yourself and every time i place you on your back you immediately roll over just to show off. once on your belly you scoot in circles which is pretty cute.

4 months

i captured this little video this morning to demonstrate her new trick along with another one of her habits. i must say that i am impressed that she manages to keep her thumb in her mouth while rolling. oh and please excuse the shaky camera, mama may have had too much coffee this morning.