cincinnati in photos: part 3


our final days in cincinnati were spent doing lovely things. we went to the train display now at union terminal. i am always so impressed with that building. eleanor met her friend alice and they got along splendidly. we made the trip up to sichuan bistro for some deliciously spicy food. (eleanor did not appreciate this) we left e for the first time for a couple of hours with my folks while we took a trip to the bakery and to the yarn shop to stock up for some upcoming projects. and we brought e to a bar strapped in the ergo carrier to hear her uncle aaron perform. i got quite a few looks and one young man even asked if he could pet her.?!? for those of you that are concerned her little ears were protected and she slept through the whole thing.

once again, we had a wonderful time making it that much harder to get back on the plane. but i expect the coming weeks will go by quickly and before you know it we will be back.

oh and here is my brother and his band, alabaster army, performing their song "man from the moon."
if you're in cincinnati they will be back at the drinkery in otr on the 16th.