christmas traditions: pajamas

my family has it's share of holiday traditions and now that stijn and i have our own little family i've been thinking a lot about which traditions i would like to keep and what traditions i may want to begin.


every year on christmas eve my mom gives us pajamas. matching pajamas. typically flannel plaid matching pajamas. we all wear them to bed and while we open gifts on christmas morning. nerd alert! this is obviously one of those questionable traditions. to keep or not to keep? as my brothers and i have gotten older the tradition has become even funnier. some years we would come over to spend the night at my parents' on christmas eve waking up the next morning as we did when were kids. typically with one of my brothers (i won't embarrass him by saying which one) waking us up at 5am. "guys, is it time?" other years we would actually drive to my parents house in the morning wearing said pajamas. could you imagine needing to stop for gas?

one year we took my dad on a scavenger hunt to find his gifts. one part of the hunt included riding tandem bicycles to a friends house. i cannot even imagine what this looked like to people. a very tall family wearing matching plaid pajamas riding tandem bicycles down a busy street. unfortunately there is photographic evidence of this.

another year my mom decided to do things a bit differently. we lovingly refer to this as the year the pants went horribly wrong. in all the years we've been donning our christmas pjs they have been a different version of the same pant. in an effort to mix things up a bit and appease those of us who enjoy a different style she ordered tighter fitting pants. on christmas eve like all other years came the big reveal. we opened the packages and uncovered neon orange leggings. my brothers came downstairs and lets just say the pants were a bit revealing. in between the laughter and tears my mom screamed for them to take them off. forever burned into my mind is the image of my 6'4" twin brothers dancing around in neon orange tights.

last year my brother asked my mom about the pajamas and she confessed that she hadn't bought any. i guess she figured we had grown out of the tradition. apparently not because my horrified brother went out and bought us all a pair.

i haven't decided yet if this is a tradition i will carry on in it's pure form. i'm thinking my version will include a christmas pajama for everyone but maybe without them matching. we picked up these candy cane pjs for eleanor when we were in cincinnati to be her first christmas pajamas. they don't come in adult sizes so i'm still on the lookout for stijn and myself.