holy crap it's almost november!

bumGenius and those legs

on our walk today i did a little mental math and realized that we are moving three weeks from friday. let me repeat for emphasis; three weeks! to say that we are overwhelmed would be a vast understatement. moving is difficult enough without it being international. add to that the complexities of leaving an apartment in switzerland (a topic for another time). lest we not forget that i have a two month old to care for, oh and then there's that husband that i would like to stay connected to. part of me is nervous and just wants to hide in a closet. another part is turned on by the list-making possibilities and the purging. then there's the part that will miss swiss trains, the view of the lake, and all the sinfully delicious dairy products. but truly most of me can't wait. i am so excited to be home, to be with friends and family, and to introduce eleanor to her new world. i must say the potential babysitters lined up to give the husband and i a date night has me pretty excited as well. which brings me to a question. how old was your baby when you first left them with someone? is it normal for me to be terrified? i'm afraid she'll be having a bad day and will cry the whole time traumatizing her and the babysitter (thus shortening that list of people willing to watch her).