two months old

two months old!

my darling daughter, another month has gone by. you have grown another 2cm and 700grams and some of the 3-6 month clothing you've been wearing since you were born is starting to look a bit small. you smile a lot and i've even heard you giggle in your sleep. i can't wait to hear you laugh for real. you love playing under your play gym and your favorite toy is the brightly colored doll we call laura. we've been singing and dancing a lot, you and i, but your favorite activity is still long walks with kenya. in the last month you became a belgian and u.s. citizen, you received your first round of vaccinations (neither you nor i liked that very much), you met your aunt elisabeth, we traveled to paris and belgium, and you met your entire belgian family at a party thrown just for you. it's been a busy month and next month will be even crazier as we plan to move our little family across an ocean where you will meet your american family. none of us can hardly wait!