one year later


one year ago today i arrived in lausanne for what was supposed to be a three month stay. at the time stijn and i were planning to move back to the u.s. in january of 2011. it's funny to think now about how naive we were regarding the process of moving an "alien" to the states. as you can see it didn't work out the way we thought it would and here we are still in switzerland. a lot has happened in a year. we've been to paris, antwerp, jordan, barcelona, munich, zurich, and lyon. we've traveled back to cincinnati three times. we went to nyc and discovered that we were going to be parents. we got married. we discovered we were going to be an aunt and uncle. i had a baby. stijn got a greencard. eleanor got two passports and dual citizenship. i baked an unhealthy amount of cookies and cupcakes. i learned a few more french words. i made new friends and missed old ones. my parents came to visit, twice. and i developed a horrible habit of watching terrible american television online just to hear you can see it's been quite the year and today on the one year anniversary of my arrival i will be in the geneva airport again, this time with a baby strapped to me, picking up my best friend. in april of 2004 i walked into a coffee shop for an interview and was introduced to who was then one of it's few customers. for the last seven years she has been my closest friend, my sister. one of the hardest parts of living here has been being so far away from her and my family. being pregnant, getting married, and having a baby were all done without their physical presence. (i should own part of Skype by now with how much i use it) today i get to introduce her to my little eleanor and show her my home here. i cannot wait to take her to my favorite places and sit chatting over food and wine.