mama style

before having eleanor i always swore that i wouldn't become one of those mothers that stops taking care of themselves. you know the women that oprah would have on her makeover shows who hadn't cut or colored their hair and had been wearing sweatpants everyday since the birth of their child (five years ago). i was not going to be one of those women. enter eleanor. it's not that i'm a mess but i was not prepared for the amount of effort it would take to take a shower let alone put actual clothes on. here we are five weeks after the birth of my wonderful daughter and i am in desperate need of a haircut and color, i wear the same milk stained clothing daily, and i no longer take the time to put on makeup. sure i have my moments, our big "saturday night out", i.e.: dinner, i managed to put nice clothes on and i even wore lipstick but most days comfort and ease win. to be frank as a nursing mother i think it would be best if i just walked around without a shirt on all day so eleanor can have easier access to her milk bar. but, a miracle occurred today. e slept until 10am giving me enough time to enjoy a cup of coffee, take a bath, and put clothes and makeup on. however; if i've learned anything in the last five weeks, just because it was easy today doesn't mean she'll be making this a regular occurrence and so i've devised a plan. first i have a hair appointment scheduled for tomorrow and secondly i am forcing myself to get dressed and put makeup on four days a week. the other three days i am allowing myself to wear pj's all day and possibly walk around with my shirt off. phase two of my plan will include going through my wardrobe and doing a massive purge as simplicity is now the key to successful dressing. phase three may come at some point and could include a 30 for 30 challenge; choosing 30 articles of clothing and having to create 30 outfits. any other moms out there have tricks to feeling good about yourself while caring for a newborn?