39 weeks

1 week to go! with time winding down and my patience wearing thin as my belly seems to grow by the minute i am choosing to focus on the positive. this has led me to a followup post from my 10 things i won't miss about being pregnant.

so here in no particular order are 10 things i will miss about being pregnant:

1. my skin. i'm not sure if this a result of the hormones racing through my body or a side effect of my prenatal vitamin or just the purity of swiss water but i haven't had a blemish in 9.5 months. not one!

2. not having my period. no elaboration needed.

3. the special treatment. i have very much enjoyed taking my seat on crowded buses and trains and allowing my neighbor to carry my groceries up the stairs for me.

4. feeling my little girls wiggles and kicks and knowing that i am the only one who will get to experience her in this way.

5. the neck, back, and foot rubs.

6. the kindness of strangers. while i am not one to love too much attention the knowing looks from mothers on the street and the gentle smiles of strangers have been very welcome.

7. the excitement of having a new identity to grow into.

8. resting my hands on my belly and realizing that i am never alone.

9. my hair. thank you pregnancy hormones for giving me the fullest, strongest, and healthiest hair i have ever had.

10. having an excuse to indulge in whatever i want whenever i want.