an anniversary

yesterday stjin and i celebrated one month of marriage. this seemed like a wonderful excuse to celebrate with some cake or rather some cupcakes. with some overripe bananas on my counter and the flavors of summer on my mind i decided on the lightness of a hummingbird cake.
hummingbird cake was first seen in a 1978 issue of southern living magazine and quickly became their most requested recipe. the origins of it's name have remained a mystery; however, many theories exist. some say that the cake is so delicious it makes you hum with delight as you eat it while others contend that it is as sweet as the sugar water used to feed hummingbirds. i substituted pecans for walnuts, added coconut, and used fresh pineapple as opposed to the typical canned. what resulted were delicious, light, and not too sweet cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting.
i could get used to the idea of celebrating each month with a different dessert.