38+ weeks

38 weeks
remember being a kid waiting for christmas morning to come? do you remember how hard it was to sleep as the pure excitement and anticipation kept your mind racing all night long? this comparison hardly does what i am feeling justice but you get the idea. except now just imagine that the day finally arrived and after putting your gifts in front of you someone told you you weren't allowed to open them yet. oh, and just for fun they aren't going to tell you when you'll finally get to open them you just have to wait and see.
i now spend most of my time analyzing every movement, contraction, and odd little feeling wondering if it could be the start of the real thing. and then yesterday i not only felt but watched her "drop." while i have no idea when she'll be making her entrance into the outside world i do know that she is preparing. so in an effort to relax i have been knitting away making little projects for our daughter. a hat and two pairs of booties later and christmas is still a week and a half away.

for pictures of some of the things i've made check out my flickr page