37 weeks

final countdown: 3 weeks until our baby girl!
according to most books i am now full term. meaning that if i were to go into labor everything is fully developed enough for our little one to be healthy. some babies still need those 3 extra weeks to grow but according to my doctor this little girl "is NOT SMALL!" if only i had counted the number of times i heard her say this to me. not that it was ever any secret that i would most likely produce a large child. we grow 'em big in my family; i came out a whopping 10lbs. and 3.5oz.(4.6kg) and my brothers, twins, were 8lbs.(3.6kg) and 8.5lbs(3.9kg). not to mention, stijn and i are both quite tall so i have been preparing myself for a "not small" baby for a while. i'm just not sure i need to be reminded of it as i am planning for a vaginal birth without medication. if she continues to grow according the chart our doctor is estimating she will be at least 9lbs.(4kg).
with only 3 weeks left we have spent this week preparing for the day when she will decide she is ready to join us. we visited the hospital and toured the rooms, i made a playlist for the delivery, and we have begun packing the hospital bag. here is what we are planning to bring with us: camera, body pillow, toiletries for me and stijn, pj's, robe, slippers, nursing bra, going home clothes for me (something i wore when 6 months pregnant), i-pod and i-pod dock, snacks, gatorade, massage oil, clothes for the baby in a few sizes (since she's "not small"), car seat...
can you think of anything i may have forgotten?