31 weeks

after being declared "parfait" by the doctor this morning i now have the green light to hop on a plane tomorrow and make the long journey back to the u.s. one last time before our little lady joins the family. as excited as i am to see everyone, to be there for a good friends wedding, and to soak in a little america i must admit i am dreading the flight. we've called ahead and thankfully i have the luxury of sitting in an aisle seat with no one next to me. the extra leg room, my fancy and always fashionable support hose, a dose of magnesium, lots of water, and frequent walks about the plane should make it a bit more bearable. but i am asking you now little girl to please cooperate with me. rest assured, at least for the 9 hours that we are on the plane, that the way out of my uterus is not via the right side of my ribcage. now lets hope for some good in flight entertainment.