30 weeks


little girl,

your parents got married this week and it was such a wonderful day. i'm pretty sure you enjoyed yourself as you were giving enthusiastic little kicks at all the right moments. your mama and papa have a truly beautiful love story that you will no doubt hear all about throughout your life. we come from very different worlds and we have fought to be here in this place together as a family. the day when you will join us is fast approaching and i thought maybe some introductions were in order. so baby bird here's who we are; now husband and wife, and your parents.

your papa:
comes from belgium: the land of beer and fritjes
stays up at night playing with binary code
collects vintage cameras
decides what he wants to eat before looking at a menu
is a goofball
and has a huge heart

your mama:
comes from the usa
spends most of her time in the kitchen or at the market
collects vintage clothing
reads cookbooks like they're novels
can be a bit too serious but deep down is also a goofball
and loves her family and friends more than anything

we were both swimmers, though i was probably faster because of a webbed toe advantage. (your papa hopes you don't inherit that from me) your papa is a math and science nerd. (always go to him with your homework questions) we met in a coffee shop in cincinnati and fell in love in paris. we would be lost without each other. he is my best friend and my favorite person in the world. we look forward to meeting you, being able to see parts of us reflected in you, and learning all about the parts that are unique just to you.