27 weeks

walking the streets of barcelona last weekend i found my belly to be drawing a lot of attention. after the 200th stare i started to feel a bit like a caged animal at the zoo. prior to pregnancy i would never have called myself modest or shy but there is something about my body being analyzed that i am finding unnerving. don't get me wrong i love being pregnant. i love watching my body change, feeling her little kicks, carrying this life that we created inside of me, and incubating her with love and joy. i just didn't expect strangers to find it so interesting. at the end of a long day of walking through spain i found myself wanting to comment every time someone looked. "what, never seen a pregnant person before?" clearly what i needed to do was breathe and relax. growing this little bird has been a wonderfully intimate thing between stijn and me that we get to share with our friends and families and while private it's also there for the rest of the world to see and react to. i am finding the feelings of being on display tough to cope with. any suggestions?