weekend bits

herb garden
french toast
herb butter
saturday morning marketing with pain au chocolat, fresh veggies, and beautiful flowers, terrace gardening with herbs in pots and a flower or two, and a meal reminiscent of some of my favorite times in cincinnati...

steak frites
in memoriam, paying homage to the old jeanro bistro and countless steak frites enjoyed at the bar with my girl and whatever wine jeannie recommended.

this was my first attempt at frites or as my belgian partner calls them, fritjes. starting with fresh potatoes, i peeled and cut them into relatively uniform pieces and patted them dry, turned the fryer on a medium setting and fried them until al dente but without color. while they were drying i mixed room temperature unsalted butter with a handful of fresh cut herbs, garlic, and salt, rolled the butter into a log, and placed back in the refrigerator. now this is the secret to good frites, the double fry. i turned the fryer up to a high setting and fried those al dente taters until golden brown and crispy, drained them on a towel again, and then tossed with salt. i seasoned our swiss steaks with fleur de sel and coarsely ground pepper, placed them in a hot pan and cooked for about 2 minutes per side. after the steaks were cooked to our liking i placed them on a pre-warmed plate and made a foil tent to allow them to rest. meanwhile i tossed some local lettuce with a simple shallot vinaigrette. et voila jeanro steak frites the way i remember, with herb butter, crispy fries, and a simple green salad. jeannie would always ask if we wanted ketchup or mayonnaise for our frites. i'd like to think i was preparing for my future life with a belgian because i would always get mayonnaise. so stijn whipped up some homemade mayonnaise to accompany our meal and we were set. just like old times except without the wine and without my best girl.