easter in europe

easter weekend holds lots of odd celebrations here in europe. in poland the men wake their lady loves up by dumping a cold bucket of water on them. at some point later in the day, showing their mutual affection, the women return the favor. in the czech republic legend has it that women are whipped in order to keep their health and fertility in the coming year. as a thank you they then present the whipper man with a colored egg. "thanks for the beating, here's a symbol of my fertility to show how much i enjoyed it." italians win hands down for me with the ruzzolone, or rolling of the cheese in panicale. using a mixture of bocce ball and yo-yo skills, players launch a 9 pound round of pecorino cheese through a marked course in the village. whoever completes the course in the least amount of strokes wins the cheese. sadly i will not be observing or participating in any of the aforementioned activities. stijn and i will be in zurich and i will most likely celebrate with a chocolate egg or two.

bon weekend!