23 weeks

this morning i got sucked into the labyrinth of baby registry. after a few hours of contemplating such questions as, which breast pump best fits my needs? how many burp cloths are necessary? what is the difference between level one, two and three bottle nipples? i must admit that i am thoroughly overwhelmed. i am beginning to realize that i haven't the first clue what we need for this little lady. aside from the big ticket items (dresser, crib, stroller, highchair), which we already have i'm a bit stuck as to what to register for. i keep getting distracted by cute little dresses and find myself daydreaming, trying to picture what she'll look like and hoping she has little fat rolls on her thighs that will poke out of said dresses. see for example here. somebody please help me. to all you mothers out there any advice for this first timer...what do we REALLY need?