22 weeks


i seem to be growing at high speed. it's funny how you spend the first several months waiting to show, sticking your belly out a bit (or rather just not sucking it in anymore), referring to what is really just gas as "the bump," and then all of a sudden the real thing appears and seems to grow by the minute. as i looked in the mirror last night and saw this thing busting out of my tank top i realized that at times i resemble an old man with a beer gut. but i am loving this ever expanding bump of mine and it's magnet like effect on my hands. i spend so much time hands resting on my belly just waiting for her to kick, then calling stijn over to feel her, and the two of us just sit paralyzed waiting to feel her again.

this week is a big one for baby augustynen and her parents. yesterday we bought her crib and dresser and met with my doula. i am so excited about the doula i can barely stand it. navigating a country where you don't speak the language is hard enough but navigating the system for labor and delivery in said country is overwhelming. i am pretty headstrong when it comes to, well everything but for the sake of this here post let's just stick with, the kind of birth i want. it goes without saying that the most important thing in labor is the delivery of a healthy baby but barring any major medical issues how we get there is also important to me. i am seeking a natural birth, no epidural, no pitocin. in the u.s. this would be relatively simple, find a midwife, write a birthplan, and expect to have a good amount of control over the experience. switzerland, not so much. midwives don't deliver unless you have a home birth, and the doctor that delivers your baby you will not meet until you're pushing. birthplan? no such thing here. so when i found an american doula living in lausanne i was overjoyed. our meeting with her last night was so informative. she gave us the ins and outs of the system, we asked every question we could think of, and i was able to communicate in my own language about what was important to me. we discovered that switzerland's c-section rate rivals the u.s and that the hospital we thought we would deliver in is not natural childbirth friendly. when we left i felt empowered and ready knowing that i will have 2 people in the room who will advocate for me and will help me to have the delivery experience i want. so little girl, you can just relax in there and keep cooking; the day you're ready we'll be ready too.