19 weeks


little girl,

this week we traveled to jordan and saw ancient cities, archeological wonders, and the sites of so much biblical history. we saw a castle built by crusaders, hiked through petra, relaxed in a hammam, and rode camels. we took a jeep tour through the desert, slept in a bedouin camp, danced traditional dances, floated in the dead sea, and ate amazing food all along the way. we learned about history, the middle east, islamic customs and traditions, and of course about ourselves. i spent a majority of the time talking to you, telling you about all the amazing things we were experiencing together and thinking about all that i wish for you and want to be as your mother. mostly i thought about all the adventures we will share as a little family and how important it is to me that we travel and see the world together. it is such a big world little girl and i look forward to watching you discover your place in it.

"the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." st. augustine