sweet dreams

when stijn discovered and told me about a cupcakery that had recently been opened by an american here in lausanne i was tempted to run out the door and skip all the way there singing but i knew that there was no way i could go alone. there was one person who i knew i had to share the joy of finding something so familiar and comforting (not to mention delicious) with. so yesterday jesse and i set off in search of a taste of home here in switzerland. only about a ten minute walk from our place (dangerous!) we found sweet dreams cupcake café. the petite shoppe was so charming and cheerful i immediately fell in love.


it was hard to get past the towering stands of beautifully decorated cupcakes bearing quirky names like, "what's up doc" for the carrot, and "salty dog" for the dark chocolate with fudge and fleur de sel, but we needed a bit of nourishment before indulgence. when i was finally able to peel my eyes away from the confections i saw the lunch options, just a few freshly made deli style sandwiches and a savory cupcake. jesse and i both went for the muffaletta and almost teared up when it arrived at our table served with a side of chips. apparently we americans are the only people to eat our sandwiches with chips. for the rest of the civilized world, chips are more of a snack to be enjoyed between meals.

we sipped on freshly brewed iced tea with our choice of natural syrups to flavor and sweeten'er up and learned about stacy (the owner), and sweet dreams. after thoroughly enjoying our lunch and a very lengthy conversation with stacy we decided we couldn't resist the sweet any longer. we both chose the strawberry cheesecake cupcakes. they were served with a small glass of milk and a spoon. i have never eaten a cupcake with a spoon before but this is switzerland folks and god forbid the swiss eat anything with their hands. the cupcake was heavenly; moist, not overly sweet, and with the perfect amount of strawberry jam in the center.

while it was difficult to refrain from having seconds i settled on a few to go and we left, vowing to return often, me volunteering to work for her, and both of us feeling happy. happy to be here, happy to have met a wonderful new person, happy to see someone doing what they love, and happily satiated.