pickles and ice cream

contrary to the stereotype i haven't had an overwhelming desire to eat pickles since i found myself with child but then again i didn't need the excuse of pregnancy to be a pickle fiend. it's a known fact in my family that my first word was cookie but it may as well have been pickle as i could easily eat a whole jar of anything pickled in one sitting. deli style dill pickles, bread and butter chips; i have always enjoyed these vinegar infused treats but my love blossomed at the home of my childhood friend, jamie. jamie's mom made, in my opinion, the best pickles i have ever had. the perfect blend of spicy and sour these pickles were sent from heaven. the mere thought of those delicious cucs leaves me salivating. i'm not sure what suann's secret was but i have yet to taste a pickle that comes close to the ones we shared in her kitchen decades ago.

i've tried my hand at pickling but to no avail. i've tried the vinegar method and they're never crunchy enough. i've attempted the lacto-fermented form and the flavor just wasn't quite right. and then a few weeks ago in globus i found the answer in happy girl kitchen co. though the pickled okra was tempting we bought a jar of the classic dills (for 10 swiss francs) and true to form i had eaten them all in just a few days. these were as close to suann's pickles as i have ever tasted and after perusing their website i discovered that they make a spicy version as well. globus may find an imploring note in their suggestion box in the near future (i may just pull the pregnancy card). until that time i will continue to satisfy my appetite with the ever present cornichon.