the elusive art of poaching an egg

it is no secret to those that know me that i love eggs. from a very young age, as my grandparents can attest, i proclaimed from my high chair, "more eggs please," setting in motion an insatiable appetite for all things egg. my appreciation developed further on my monthly breakfast dates with my grandfather. it was here that i believe my palette was truly developed. i tried every kind of egg there was though i'm pretty sure my longest relationship was with the sunny side up variety. well not much has changed in the last 30 years. sure i may have broken up with sunny side up and moved on to over easy but i have always remained faithful to the egg as my breakfast item of choice.

now in the third decade of my life a new egg has entered the picture, the poached egg. there is not much that i enjoy more for breakfast than a slice of good crusty bread and a pair of poached eggs. in fact, due to the purchase of silicone egg poachers a while back it had become almost mechanical for me to poach a couple of eggs while my french press was steeping. the cheaters way
while these little miracle cups make poaching crazy easy something about their perfect shape always bothers me. it seems unnatural somehow. determined to always do things the hard way, or as i like to say the pure way, i decided that today would be the day i would tackle the poached egg. no tricks, just me, some water, a pan, a slotted spoon and the egg. some people swear by using white vinegar to help the whites to congeal faster, others swirl the water to create a whirlpool before dropping the egg in to help them retain their shape. if your eggs are fresh you shouldn't need either to get the job done. so my test became twofold. 1. can i poach an egg? 2. how fresh are the eggs in switzerland?

and so it went:
step 1. fill a pot about 3 in. with water and bring to a boil. once boiling lower heat to medium to keep water just below boiling.

step 2. crack an egg into a shallow dish or ramekin and slowly lower into water. you can use your slotted spoon to coax the egg into shape although i did not find this necessary.

poaching an egg

step 3. set timer for 4 minutes. adjust to your liking.

step 4. using slotted spoon remove egg from pan. (i pat mine dry) voila! a perfectly poached egg. enjoy!

poaching an egg

i guess 1. i can poach an egg! and 2. the eggs must be fresh in switzerland!