16 weeks


this weeks bump pic is taken from a different angle to illustrate that the real story of this pregnancy thus far is happening above my waist. that's all we'll say for now re: my now ample bossom.

i received a message from a very wise mama last week encouraging me in the process of trusting my body and in her words focusing on, "incubating this baby in joy." i realized that i needed to incubate myself in that same joy and love. thankfully, my prenatal pilates dvd's came in the mail last week and have become a much needed addition to my self care. it doesn't hold a candle to a class at pendleton but hey on this side of the atlantic i'll take what i can get. some gentle exercise coupled with a wonderful weekend spent enjoying the city with the mister were the perfect antidote to some of the negativity that was floating around my active pregnant brain.

we used some of our time this weekend to price strollers and discovered that switzerland really is ridiculously expensive. according to the economist's big mac index, prices are 75% higher here than in the u.s. and when it comes to baby gear i can attest that this is an accurate figure. after much research we decided to buy the stroller in the u.s. when i'm there next month and check it in as luggage on my flight home. thankfully we have this as an option but it was pretty disheartening to realize that we won't be spontaneously purchasing anything for the little bird. (we all know how much i love to shop)

speaking of the little bird, next week we have a doctors appointment and provided baby isn't feeling too modest we will hopefully see whether it's a little boy or girl. stijn's clairvoyant grandmother told me when we were in belgium in january that it's a girl so we just need to see if the ultrasound tech agrees. care to weigh in? what do you think, will baby augustynen be wearing pink or blue?