what a year it was

2010 was by far the most exciting and wonderful year of my life thus far. it brought with it my 30th year, great love, trips to belgium, switzerland, italy, france, and germany, a new family, a proposal, a move across the atlantic, new friends, and new businesses. in 6 months i accumulated more stamps in my passport that i had in the last 10 years. i learned a lot, laughed a lot, cried a lot, ate a lot, loved big, risked big, and dreamed big. 2010 was a 365 day lesson in adaptability, courage, and hope. it was the year where i began to cultivate the life i've always wanted. it came with it's fare share of pain but was outweighed by some exciting surprises. i watched some friends fall in love, some become mothers, some learning about bravery, and all gracefully entering the adventure that the new decade brought. now more than ever i understand what truly matters and have spent the last three months missing them terribly. as i prepare to pack again and head back over the atlantic indefinitely i wish you all a wonderful 2011. i know that the year will be just as exciting, just as surprising, just as challenging, and just as rewarding as it's predecessor...if not much more.

photo by erin samuell for a simple photograph via style me pretty