cravin' some cincinnati

in 10 days i will be back in cincinnati for the holidays! i will be home for 18 days before heading back overseas. i'm sure that those 18 days will fly by and will probably fill up quickly (i want to see all your faces), but i compiled a list of must do's while i'm home.

-hang with my family (luckily it's the holidays and they don't have much of a choice)
-"the usual" with my best girl
-tacos at la mexicana (there is no mexican food here)
-beer, bluegrass, and burritos at the comet
-a trip to findlay market for a loaf or 10 of blue oven bread
-brunch at fork heart knife
-shower beautiful baby alice with kisses
-sew with mom
-spend all day at whole foods marveling at all that's available
-watch american tv (it won't be dubbed!)
-bake cookies, scones, muffins, cupcakes, bread, pie, etc...using a food processor and a stand mixer
...and so much more

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