très chic

when i originally began blogging about my time here in switzerland i promised to report on swiss fashion. as the few of you who enjoy reading my random musings have noticed i am much more interested in the food than in the fashion. those that know me well may have just fallen out of your chair. i'll give you a minute to recover and then i shall explain. it's not that i am any less interested in style than i was at home or that i am any less inclined to spend every dime i have on those must have shoes or coat or purse or dress or...

but to be honest i haven't been all that impressed or inspired. at least it's winter and the presence of the aladdin pants has all but disappeared. but left to their own devices the swiss would have us all wearing button down shirts covered in embroidered edelweiss. and thanks to globalization i have seen far too many girls wearing uggs. i promise you that the minute i see someone in sweatpants with miami, or juicy, or pink written across their ass i am on the first plane home.

i expected more from women born into chic and effortless style. thankfully there is paris, a 4 hour train from here, to remind me that the elegance of the european woman is not lost. but parisienne style is much more than the clothing. the french gamine we all envy wears almost no makeup, her hair is tied in a loose almost accidental chignon, she is a master at layering, and of course is always wearing a scarf. their insouciant style cannot be imitated or taught but their wardrobe easily can. and topping this american girl in europe's "must-have" list is a cape, followed closely by lace up wedges and a fabulous felt hat!