le wedding: two rings and three proposals

i rarely wear jewelry of any kind, it always feels like a costume. in fact, i can't even put on a pair of earrings without looking in the mirror and declaring that i look much too "fancy". this would create a bit of difficulty then for anyone trying to purchase a meaningful piece of jewelry for me.

the first time stijn proposed we were in his favorite spot in the world, under a tree next to the river in ghent, belgium. this was the place he had gone to ponder life and to make important decisions, such as taking the job at p&g, which consequently led us to meet. we were chatting about life and our future when he fashioned a ring from one of the leaves of the tree. this ring meant more to me than any metal one but it eventually fell from my finger and returned to the earth that made it.

finding a more permanent ring to take it's place not to mention finding a ring that i could wear daily would be a challenge. thankfully with the help of the wonder women at conroy & wilcox in brooklyn we designed a minimal yet elegant ring.

the second time stijn proposed it was on the roof of the building we met in and with a picture of the ring design on his iphone. the design: a pear shaped, rosecut grey diamond (a 16th century cut known for it's variations in faceting and depth) set in a delicate, brushed platinum band.

the third and final time he proposed we were in paris, the city where we fell in love, and this time it was with the real thing (smuggled into europe in my mom's luggage). the ring, combining an antique cut with a natural stone in a modern setting feels like an extension of me and i couldn't be happier. it serves not just as a reminder of our love but the freedom that love gives us to be exactly who we are with one another.