the church of cheese

no cheese platter is complete without a hunk of gruyere cheese. and in all the trays i've assembled, never once did i think that my life would somehow, someday land me in very close proximity to the namesake of this dairy wonder. saturday we set off on the swiss chocolate train into the mountains of switzerland to eat gruyere in gruyere. taking a train through switzerland is straight from the postcard. you see cows happily wandering green pastures, a cat having a standoff with a farm dog, swiss chalets as you've pictured from storybooks, all just a few meters from the rail lines and separated by nothing but a bit of wire.
the train drops you at the foot of the town of gruyere requiring you to hike your way to a glorious reward. at first this seemed backwards to me...i figured a hike after gorging oneself on cheese would prove helpful in maintaining one's waistline. but i discovered that the hike justified the quantity of dairy about to be consumed and once finished i could just unbutton my pants and simply roll down the hill back to the train station and allow myself to be carried home.

all aboard the swiss chocolate train