babies are amazing, ever changing and growing, weekly they surprise you with the new things they can do. on a hike through some vineyards in switzerland my fella, a lover of "firsts", decided that this may be the reason for his fondness of first experiences. our lives once past the age of unabashed wonder and excitement don't change very much. we have routines and on a day to day basis everything pretty much looks the same. doing something for the first time challenges our adultness and takes us back to a time when things were simpler. my first week in switzerland, full of firsts, showed just how much i need him and his childlike wonder. that his presence in and influence on my life causes me to embrace the unknown and try new things.
as evidenced by the following: in one week i...
drove a vespa for the first time

ate my first fondue

had potted meat for the first time

went sailing for the first time

and went to my first belgian wedding

looking forward to a lifetime of firsts