pizza + positivity

the grocery store is a whole different experience here. exhibit a: they are sometimes inside what we would call a mall. go to the market for some tomatoes, walk out with a new bedspread. exhibit b: they close at 6! your only option after then is to go to a corner store and there be subject to a very limiting selection. today was my third trip to a swiss market, luckily i arrived in time to be allowed access. one would think that groceries might be the easiest thing to master in a foreign country and when it came to produce this was the case as swiss arugula looks the same as american arugula. the dairy products however, had me thoroughly confused. i stood looking at the case as though i had never seen cheese before and how many kinds of prosciutto can there be? i'm coming to realize that this is going to be harder than i originally thought. everything is foreign, the packaging looks different, and i can't read 70% of it. thankfully wine looks exactly the same. "yes i'll take the red one, and as many bottles as will fit into my basket."

tonight we had jesse over from geneva for dinner. a friendly, not only american but cincinnati, native who spoke to me in english all night long. which brings me to the next of challenges in my new swiss home...conversions! measurements must be converted from cups and ounces into grams and pints. oh and try figuring out how to use fresh yeast instead of that active instant dry stuff i've come to rely on. after successfully staving off yeast diasters we enjoyed a simple pizza margherita and a pizza bianco with figs, goat cheese, and prosciutto.

bon appétit! (something french i understand well)