belgium/france part 2

after a few days in belgium we packed ourselves into a car and made our way to the south of france. apparently the rest of europe was doing the same thing...holy traffic! 

we stopped over for a night in Beaune, France and I acquainted myself with local bourgogne wine. 

Stijn's family rented a chateau in the village of Nans les Pins, France and we spent most of our days relaxing poolside. I managed to read 2 whole books and discovered how much I like Pastis.

we wandered around the market where I drooled over turkish bath towels and baskets and bought more food than we could carry because, France! a few takeaways: why is dairy so much better here and why don't I live somewhere where dairy tastes this good? 

magic hour and sunset love

we spent an afternoon in Cassis, France. took a boat tour of the calanques (saw where the stone was harvested for the statue of liberty), ate fresh caught fish at a restaurant alongside the port of Cassis, dug our toes in the rocky sand of the beach, and walked the terra cotta lined streets.

Nans les Pins is a tiny village in the south of France. I had never heard of it though it turns out it's home to a vineyard whose rosΓ© I have been drinking for a few years. Naturally I had to take a little tour.

our final night, final sunset at this beautiful home. thank you to my in laws for giving us the gift of such a wonderful holiday allowing me to see a part of the world I hadn't yet seen.