my great grandmother, gladys, was a fiber queen. she crocheted sweaters, hats, and purses for me as a child and even a few for the woman that I would become though she wouldn't be there to see me wearing them. when I first discovered that I was pregnant with a daughter, though I would have been happy either way, I was over the moon with excitement knowing that I could pull those sweaters out of their storage bin and that another generation would be wearing something that was made by hand with so much love. 

during a snowstorm a decade ago in the coffee shop where I worked, when all the customers were hiding out under their covers, a coworker taught me to knit. I promptly went out and bought all the yarn. I've always loved tactile matter and was all too happy to be in a yarn shop running my hands over every skein and quickly became a fool for the hand dyed varieties of real wool. I started slow, hats mostly. I made a few scarves and cowls but was terrified of any larger projects. 

pregnant with my first child, I decided I would conquer the fear and knit her a blanket. I made Jared Flood's shale baby blanket. it was my first blanket and my first foray into lace. I loved every minute of the making of that piece for my baby. belly growing i would sit there daily and quietly knit away dreaming of who the little girl I was making it for would be. 

I'm now obsessed with the idea of clothes made by hand for my children that could become heirlooms to be passed down to another generation in the same way gladys made them for me. so I decided to knit my first sweater! I chose Madder Made's Camilla using my favorite, quince and co. yarn in a beautiful soft pink. it's not perfect but eleanor and I both love it and I cannot wait to make more. no really, I've already bought an insane amount of yarn for many more projects. 

I am so thankful to gladys for creating for me and for passing on her fiber love. I wish we could sit together drinking tea or wine and knit away, instead I will tip my cup to her before each new project.