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posted on: 8.27.2012

sunday picnic

sunday picnic

our weekend was both productive and relaxing. we had a dumpster delivered on friday so that we could finally rid our basement of all the demo we have done in the last few months. saturday while stijn and a friend were loading it up eleanor and i walked downtown to visit a new shop, frances jaye. can i just say that this is what i needed to help me feel at home in holland, a hip clothing boutique with an awesome owner! i'm predicting that this shop is going to get me into trouble...

with the basement cleared out we were able to move some things downstairs that we are not currently using. we also went through eleanor's room and organized her books and toys, putting toys that are now too young and clothes that no longer fit into boxes.

with all the cleaning and organizing we still had time to relax. we watched a movie, went on a picnic in saugatuck, ,and i even picked up a knitting project that i haven't worked on since january. it was a lovely weekend indeed! hoping yours was the same.

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