29 weeks

posted on: 5.26.2011

29 weeks
after an irregular heartbeat sent me to a cardiologist for an ecg and subsequent heart monitoring for 24 hours and my glucose screening test this week, baby girl and i would like some alone time. no doctors, no needles, no uncomfortable sticky things all over my chest and abdomen, no disgusting sugary drinks, and absolutely no fasting. despite all the poking and prodding of not so gentle swiss doctors i feel great. i am loving this time in my pregnancy; my size is still quite manageable and even enjoyable and the moments of discomfort are far outweighed by the moments of pure joy. every time i walk past the mirror in our hallway i pause to stare in awe at my profile. i can't believe that in just 11 short weeks our little girl could be here. it amazes me how much love we are capable of having for someone we haven't even met and how overwhelming that love can sometimes feel.

oh and in case you were worried it turns out my heart is perfectly fine, no irregularities at all in the 24 hour period i was monitored.

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  1. Im so glad you and baby are doing well <3 and cant wait to see you soon!

    Also, I was reading David Lebovitz's blog and he did a write up of Café Romand in Lausanne. Their cheese sandwhich looks amazing. Maybe youve already been there, but if not (and if you want a cheese sandwhich) its at Place Saint-François, 2